Sunday, July 5, 2020

{My} Simplified Bible Study

For years, personal Bible study has been one area I severely lacked.  I would start a phenomenal study, only to fizzle out before I completed it due to one thing or another.  It's been extremely frustrating for me because I am not normally a start and stop person.  

Sitting in Sunday School (Pre-Covid19) one day while studying Psalms 119, I had a word I needed clarification on.  So I got my phone out (gasp!) and looked it up on the Webster's 1828 website.  I then wrote it in line with my text I was copying.... and a lightbulb went off for me.  

Why on earth have I not been doing this this way all along? 

All the scripture studies, and scripture copywork plans.... and Bible studies and reading plans.  Why on earth had this not dawned on me before? 

For weeks now, I have been more consistent than ever in Scripture study and reading... because I simplified the method for myself.  My goal is always 20-30 minutes- but if something happens and I need to care for Dylan- I can feel satisfied with 15 minutes- and pick right back where I left off the next day. 

Here's a video where I explain the ins and outs of what I do in the mornings! 

I hope that is helps someone out there not feel so much pressure to study a certain way... or with a certain book.  Sometimes, all you need is just The Book.  I have found this so much more rewarding that any study I have done in a long time. 

Until Next Time! 

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