Friday, May 15, 2020

Foodie Friday- Poor Man's Stroganoff

Have you ever had a recipe that you make... that if you were "eating it with your eyes first" as they say, you would never have eaten it?  That is this recipe for me!!  When my mom first married my dad way back when, my dad had this boxed meal that he loved to eat, and it had been discontinued.  He and my mom worked and worked until they found what they believed was as close as they were going to get!

I have been pretty diligently working on adding recipes to my Happy Planner Recipe Planner.  I like using the recipe planner because you can pull recipes for the week and put them in the front of the book so you aren't shuffling and digging for your recipes at meal time!

We've eaten this for as long as I can remember.  It's a quick lunch when you need something filling, or a quick dinner when you are running behind.  It's one of those trust old recipes that lives in our family and hopefully will for a few more generations.

As usual, here is a printable recipe card that you can access by clicking here or the image below!

This is a super customizable alternative to hamburger helper as well! Making it a great option for switching out for home made ingredients (fresh for canned soups, etc) making it gluten free.... the possibilities are endless!! 

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