Friday, November 15, 2019

Friday Foodie- Best Ever Pancakes Recipe

Have you ever found a recipe on the internet, and when you look at the ingredients, you seriously consider if it really could be all it's cracked up to be?

Back when I first started staying home and homeschooling, I was on a quest to create meals cheaper than from a box.  Pancakes, I knew, were made with basic ingredients.  I was tired of buying Bisquick or pancake mix, and I knew there had to be a recipe that was better than from a box.  And then I happened upon it.  The amazing recipe I am sharing with you today (with permission, of course!).

Google can take you into crazy places!! I stumbled upon Crystal Godfrey's blog Store This, Not That! and have over the years fallen in love with several of her recipes.  Her pancakes recipe is no exception.   In the link, you can get the original recipe... as well as her amazing recipe for a shelf stable DIY pancake mix as well!!

Click here or on the image for a 5x7 recipe card of the original one bowl pancakes recipe that I love!! 

Let us know if you love these pancakes as much as our family does!! Thank you so much Store This Not That for allowing us to share this fantastic recipe with our audience! I always enjoy sharing others creations! 

Friday, November 8, 2019

Foodie Friday- Shawn Johnson's Mom's Pumpkin Bread Recipe

Oh my soul you guys!! About a month ago, I was watching Instagram stories in the car during an appointment lull, and gymnast Shawn Johnson shared her mom's pumpkin bread recipe.  I took a screen shot because I wanted to try it, but it took so long for life to calm down for me to bake again (or even be home again, because we have been living that hospital life... but that's neither here nor there)! My family LOVED this recipe.  It was pumpkin.  But not overwhelming spice pumpkin.  

This is one I will make, again and again and again and again!! Click here to print a 5x7 recipe card, or click on the image for the download as well!!

This recipe is super easy to make!! Her original recipe called for baking it in 5 small loaf pans, but I put it in two regular loaf pans and it worked great too!  Again, we loved this recipe so much and I can't wait to make it over and over this holiday season.  Thanks for sharing it on Instagram Shawn, and congratulations on your new bundle of joy!