Friday, October 11, 2019

Foodie Friday- Banana Bread

Good Morning (well it's morning while I am writing this!) and welcome to my first installment of Foodie Friday!! It's cold and totally fall-ish here in Oklahoma, and so I baked some banana bread this week.  And when I was gathering up all my ingredients, I thought, why not share this amazing recipe with the world and how easy it is to make?!

Oh... yea... and here is a printable (5x7) recipe card to help you out!

You can click on the image above, or click here to take you to the file to download.  

Oh... and here is a handy video for your viewing pleasure as well!! I am starting to share way more content over on my YouTube Channel

Come on over and give us a view and follow... or even a thumbs up!! 

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