Thursday, January 17, 2019

Three Years' Difference

I struggle often with discouragement.

I don't see the results I want... things are not happening fast enough for me.

I don't think I am unique in that struggle at all.

I started my health journey two and half years ago.  After a ton of research... I realized I needed to focus on health, before weight loss.  My body was extremely damaged.  A life of special needs kiddos and putting everyone else's needs before my own for way too long had caught up with me.

So now, I have been working on my weight loss journey since August of 2018.  I didn't realize how far I had come until my mom shared with me a picture last week.

I seriously wept tears of joy when I created this side by side.  I have changed SO MUCH!!! This journey is really hard, and I think because personal behavior change isn't easy- and that is why so many people give up.

Don't give up!! I love visual encouragement, and this is exactly that kind of encouragement!  I will say, if you have questions about my journey personally, drop me a message, I can totally talk to you about that... or you can find me on facebook!! --->A Family For His Glory Facebook Page<---

I will be sharing more this year over on that Facebook page this year... come and join me!!

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