Monday, January 21, 2019

Mini Happy Planner Monthly Box Template

So, I haven't really done this in a LONG time... but here is a free template!   If you didn't know, I am a planner girl all the way.  I love my planners (yes I said it, multiple planners) and they have helped me in so many areas of my life.

My faith planner keeps me in step with my note taking during sermons (there is a summary place at the end of every week), prayer request lists, Scripture writing and application... etc.

My big Happy Planner keeps our home life running smoothly for the most part... and my go with planner (a classic happy planner) is my brain.  It holds my daily to dos, my food journal and supplement accountability, my work stuff, and my project running list.

Y'all, I couldn't function without it.

So last year when the Trendsetter Happy Planner Girl came out, and they had those amazing monthly date sticker boxes, I knew there would never be enough for me.  And much to my shock, I went online in search of a template to buy to start making, printing and cutting my own, and there wasn't one!!

So I built a classic Happy Planner template in Silhouette Studio.... and the rest is history.  I am going to share it with y'all...

This template is a Studio file.  You will have to have it to use the file... but good news! You don't have to have a silhouette to download or use the free version of the software!!

I only ask for an occasional shout out to my Planner Girl Instagram Account, and if someone asks you where you got it, please send them through here!! It's free, so it's not like I am asking everyone to pay for it! ... Okay?! Thanks!!

For the mini template, the boxes are turned side ways!! That got more on a page.  I am so glad this is going to add to your own personal Planner Girl Experience! 

You can either click the image above, or CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE DOWNLOAD! 

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