Monday, May 15, 2017

Something About May...

It appears there is something about the Month of May that makes me remember I have this blog... and want to do something with it.  My last blog post was about Trim Healthy Mama in May of 2016.  I love this blog... and I know I started it for a reason... I just haven't settled into what I want it to be yet I guess.

Life has been so hectic!  Things with the boys are at a plateau... Wyatt has hard decisions to make for himself... he is to the point I can't push him to want to be better or more than he is right now.  He has got to want that for his own future... and we are working with a psychologist to get him there... but it just doesn't seem that he wants it right now.  Dylan is doing really well... I venture to say somewhat stable in all actuality... so long as my nurses are here and consistent.  They are both such a blessing to our family- they are like family.  Nurses Appreciation Week was last week.. and in all my personal craziness, I didn't do anything for either one of them.  One more thing on my to do list!

Elizabeth was cast as Belle in the upcoming community theater production of Beauty and The Beast Jr.  She is so excited!  I will post some pictures of the Belle Dress process.  Rather than buy a junky cosplay dress, we opted to buy a wedding dress at a thrift store and convert it.  That was probably the most amazing and scary process!  It is so beautiful.  We just have to add one more layer to the top... I can't express how excited I am for her!  I am also stage managing this year's production... it has been fun for me to learn something new as well.  It's also been nice to be needed and wanted.  I struggle so much in this area of my life- I desire to feel useful to people outside my family.  Service is after all my love language- so to know that I am asset in the community theater and helping the production staff and crew as well as imparting the importance of organization to these kids has been amazing and fun.

Cassidy is going to start competitive gymnastics this summer.  She is very talented, and very excited to take the next step into competitive sports.  She works hard at home and practices constantly.  I love that she has a desire to work hard toward something... because that girl is such a struggle to get to do school!  She has zero desire to sit still and do anything.  Thank goodness we are nearing the end of our school year, although we are going to do some school through the summer so that they can stay up to par on some subjects.

I am so excited about some of the changes I am already looking at implementing for next year as far as school goes.  We are looking at doing a cottage school with friends, and also some great curriculum changes are coming this year as well!  This past year was the first year I went off script and taught independent of a box curriculum.  It was overwhelming and gratifying all in one!  I think we did okay though- my junior finished Chemistry with a 92.  I will take it!

Soon, Bucky and I will celebrate 10 years of marriage together... it's gone by so fast and at the same time feels like forever.  I know that makes next to no sense.  This year also marked 10 years that I have been saved by grace, and for that I am so very thankful.  Serving the Lord has been difficult for me at times, because I have so much on me at home and to think of doing more has sometimes exhausting.... and overwhelming.  And then there is my feeling of acceptance, but that's another day's issue.

That's our life in a nutshell.. my goal is to do this more than once a year... what do y'all think?

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