Monday, May 16, 2016

Trim Healthy Mama Menu- Week 1 restart!

We are totally THM compliant this week and here is what we are eating:

Breakfast- Scrambled eggs (with veggies) and sausage {S}
Lunch- Sausage and Sun Dried Tomato Pasta (use dreamfields for a compliant crossover) {XO}
Dinner- Pot Sticker Patties & Creamless Creamy Veggies (old and new cookbook) {S}

Breakfast: Skinny Double Chocolate Muffins {E}
Lunch: Cold cut sandwich wraps with on plan Sandwich wraps from Aldi {E}
Dinner: Bacon Chicken Ranch Soup {S}

Breakfast: Egg In A Hole (Whole Eggs and Fuel Pull Nuke Queen Bread) {S}
Lunch: Shake (not sure which one yet- my kids are having a pasta dish)
Dinner: Slow Cooker Cabbage and Beef   Roasted Veggie Medley (old book)

Breakfast: Scrambled Eggs (with bell pepper, onion, spinach) {S}
Lunch: Philly Cheesesteak Quesadillas (Only eating one- with one mission low carb tortilla) {S}
Dinner: Philly Cheese Meatloaf {S}   Cauli Potato Salad {S} Old Book

Breakfast: Cinnamon Rolls {E}
Lunch: Brianna Thomas Creamy Chicken and Rice {E} Side Salad
Dinner: Green Chili Chicken Casserole {S}  Side Salad

Breakfast: Bacon/Eggs {S}
Lunch: Taco Salad {S}
Dinner: Wicked White Chili {E} New Cookbook

Breakfast: Leftover Muffins from Tuesday
Lunch: I eat at church so I do my best to eat on plan with what is there
Dinner: Black Bean Quesadillas with sliced veggies {E}