Friday, March 18, 2016

Trim Healthy Mama Week 1

So have you heard about this not so new plan running around the internet?  Have you seen pins on Pinterest with these weird labels (E,S, FP, XO) and wondered what the heck people were thinking?  I get it. I was there.  And then I bought the books.

In 2012, Pearl Barrett and Serene Allison self published a 600+ book after years of struggling through public consensus and fad dieting.  I saw it off and on while reading blogs, and surfing recipes, but never truly gave it much thought.  I too, have struggled through my own diet woes, and yo-yo weight loss.

After failing at the 21 Day Fix, and a barrage of other things, I decided to spend the $25 and get the new revised books that came out this year.  Instead of a self published 600 page book, Pearl and Serene have divided their information into two books.  The plan book (all the information you could possibly need to start the program, including the  meal types, special ingredients, identifying your eating habits or your mama type, etc) and the greatly improved cookbook with beautiful color photos and the chatty encouragement that carried over from the first book- but in a much more organized manner.

I was very apprehensive to try THM, but I am thankful I did.  I know I have some medical issues going on, and this has been a great start to allow me some indulgence, but also some grace if I slip.  I know my body internally has a lot of healing to do, but I know when I see the doctor in a little over a month I will have been already on the way to making the necessary changes to help my body work through the healing and inflammation process.

Will it be easy? No.  After five days I caved and had a Coke the other day.  But I know that getting back on track is only 3 hours away at the next meal- and cheese and bacon and all dairy for that matter don't make me feel guilty anymore.  But I completed week one about 80% on plan which isn't bad for week one.  I still ask tons of questions on the official and unofficial forums on facebook- and I am thankful they are there.  I have studied alot- done alot- and tried alot- and I really feel over time this is going to be the best possible chance I have for success.

I wish I had the time and imagination to sit and work on original recipes to wow you and dazzle you with new recipes... but alas that is not the season of my life right now.  For now, I am settling for the vast array of bloggers out there that are providing some fantastic recipes that I can add to Plan To Eat- my absolutely favorite menu planning service.

There will be more stories ahead I am sure- recipes we love, recipes we hate- and things  we can wait to make again... and I can't wait to share them with everyone as we go.  We have been using some recipes for two weeks- on plan somewhat week one and more on plan week two and next week we hope to be totally on plan.  I am really enjoying learning to cook with new alternatives to still get what we crave without all the nasty stuff in gross processed foods and fast foods (I am a Drive Thru Sue out of necessity- but there is no place I love being more than my kitchen when there is time!).

How is your Trim Healthy Mama journey?  Are you seeing changes?  Are you totally not knowing where to start?  Let me know!

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