Friday, January 8, 2016

Personal Study in 2016

As I have started 2016, I found myself seeking the Lord in many ways.  I felt a profound amount of conviction toward the end of the year about if my heart was really in and serving in church, or am I "playing church."  When we had family devotion time on Sunday evening, we had a candid conversation with our children about this exact topic (along with watching the Christian documentary, Captivated.  I cannot recommend it highly enough for anyone and everyone!), and set some goals and ideas for the coming year.  Things we truly wanted to expand on in serving harder and further this year.

One of my personal goals is to study more. As I have to sit with Cassidy for the 3 1/2 hours she does school to help keep her focused, I feel like the Lord has answered my prayer and my need.  As badly as I want to be up and about the business of my home, I also have no choice to sit still, with her.  What better time to get my personal study in?

In the month of January I began two copywork challenges on Scripture.  One is on prayer (as seems to be all the rage with the new movie from the Kendrick brothers newly out on DVD- War Room- It is a good movie, I recommend it as well), and the other is an entire year, with month to month with a different theme, this one happening to be on Renewal & Refreshment.  I like both because they simply give you a scripture for the day and you go into your Bible and find it and write it as many times as you need.  For me, online studies and guides can be difficult to find, as I am strictly a KJV person.

Southern Melle's 31 Day Scripture Writing Challenge

The Purposeful Mom Writing Through The Word

Both of these have been highly effective for me, and I am loving the time I spend with the Lord on these very important topics.

Another thing I am doing to help me focus on my prayer time is that as I pray I journal.  I love these journals from Target  but any notebook will work. Loose leaf paper and a binder will work too!

Along the lines of prayer, I also found this wonderful resource on praying for your family.  Tauna at The Proverbial Homemaker has put together an amazing *FREE* resource for weekly prayers to to pray for your family.  This 89 page printable sets a weekly goal of specific scripture to pray over your family, with a note sheet that gives gives goals on Read, Pray, Love.  I am super excited to start this as well.

You can find information on The Proverbial Homemaker here.  I also follow her on facebook as well- she does share alot of great resources!

My devotion time right now is studying along with a blog series from A Virtuous Woman.  The topic is on finding the joy in homemaking.  It's helped me find my focus again!  I can't wait to see the rest of it!  She also has a great planner too, that I am seriously thinking about changing to when my Erin Condren is done at the end of this year.  You can see it here.

More information about A Virtuous Woman's series on finding Joy in Homemaking can be found by clicking here.

Lastly, I am just reading through the word.  There are many guides and outlines for reading through the Bible online.  I at the very least get my Proverbs and Psalms in for the day.

I hope you will check some of these resources out and are as blessed by them as I have been already this year!