Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Rehabilitation- Day 1- Be Strong, and of Good Courage

The much anticipated day of fall finally arrived-rehab.  The mother in me both dreaded and looked forward to it. I love investing in my children, but hate being away from the rest of the family.  

If you know us, what I am about to say is no surprise- life with Wyatt can be quite trying at times.  Wyatt has his very own way of thinking, and his very own strong willed way of doing things as well.  Most definitely 13- most definitely opinionated- and unfortunately he has paired with it being extremely soft hearted.  All that considered, we walk such a fine line in how hard and fast to push him, because there are no warning signs before you reach the emotional cliff, and then it's a long hard push back up the incline to start all over.  

Today, however, Wyatt woke up ready to work.  In his first morning physical therapy session, Wyatt was stretched out, assessed, measured, and even stood a little bit without the support of bracing.  We then braced up and walked about ten steps before moving on to occupational therapy.  

This afternoon, Miss Shannon braced him up immediately and set him to walking.  With breaks intermittently, Wyatt walked about 55 feet or so with the support of a walker.  He was very pleased with his first day, and so was I!  

God has been so good to us in this journey.  My prayer since the very first surgery has been that something would ignite a fire and drive in Wyatt to do better and be better to his body.  I pray that Wyatt will understand before it's too late that he has a choice in what happens to his body, and that if he will do right now he won't be left with what could have been prevented and a permanent problem with his body.  That is my prayer for him physically, anyway.  Spiritually I pray that he can one day see the impact he has had in this walk, and what more he can do to further the gospel with the power of his testimony. 

Be strong and of good courage, fear not, nor be afraid of them: for The Lord thy God, he it is that doth go with thee;  he will not fail thee, nor forsake thee. 

Deutaronomy 31:6 

John 11:4 

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