Friday, January 2, 2015

One Word 365- Choose One Word for the Year

Ditch the resolutions- Choose a word!

I love this!  I hate failing, and I usually fail at resolutions after about February.  So, the last few years, I have been loosely participating in something different-

Last year, I chose- Peace.  Ugh.  that was a distinct invitation to Satan- please, come rain chaos in my life.  This year, no thanks.  I chose-

My goal is to be Stronger in the following areas:

1) Spiritually Stronger- More study time, more study tools, more family study time, more Bible Reading, morning devotion as a family (and yes... I will be sharing these awesome new tools with you!).

2) Physically Stronger- I am not going to set a weight loss goal for this year, or anything like that, I am just going to work on being healthier, and stronger, and stronger willed (pass on the ice cream once in awhile, ya know?).

3) Personally Stronger- In homemaking, being a wife, being a mother.  I started this journey in November when I realized I couldn't stand the chaos and disorganization anymore.  Meal planning, home management binder organization, cleaning schedule.  You name it.  It's happening around here.  It's a slow process, but that's why I have a year, right?

Once a month, I am going to be blogging about how this process is going for us (me).  I am hoping by setting standards on growth, my family will come along for the ride as well.  We shall see!!

Until next time!

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