Friday, January 16, 2015

Creating Study Sheets That Work For You

Today I am showing you something that I was inspired to create based on several examples I found online.  For me, I am left handed, and need something I can take out independently and write on.  I didn't want anything in a notebook form like The Redheaded Hostess has offered over on her blog, because if you are studying in depth you would have to purchase several.  Plus having the printable on hand gives me the freedom to organize it out I please, and organize it how I want.  In notebooks, I cannot add or remove and move them around.  Plus, I cannot compile what from several without hauling around several notebooks.  It's just not workable for me, and I couldn't find where she had created a single sheet purchase for it- each notebook on her sight is $12.95.  It was just not a flexible fit for my needs.

These printables were created in Stampin' Up's My Digital Studio.  It took me about 2 days to get the hang of it and figure it out- but you get the idea!  I am not comfortable offering these as a free download as of right now, but wanted to share the tools I have been using to get a deeper knowledge of the Bible.  In growing *stronger* in Christ, I get my family stronger as well.  We all benefit from a deeper knowledge of the Lord.  If you have any questions about these designs, you can either click on the link above and purchase her notebooks, or I can help you create something for yourself.  

Monday, January 12, 2015

Get Stronger Spiritually! New Free Printable

In my quest to get stronger spiritually, I started back in November working on having the tools in place to make that happen.  Today, I am going to share with you a printable to break down your sermons! I am a note taker.  I have to write it down if I am ever going retain it.  But then what do you do with it?

For me, breaking it down further than just notes is important as well.  So here is a tool for you to use!  I made these in an 8.5x11 format so that you can punch holes in it, organize it by books (as in all the sermons you heard from Genesis, Exodus, etc), or date.  However you want.  Just be able to use the notes you took beyond the day you took them!

They are pretty straight forward, lots of note space and key words & phrases, and personal application!  

 Feel free to use these all you want for your personal use.  These are not to be reproduced or sold for use with permission from the creator (me!).  I created these printables for personal use only.

Let me know what you think!  

Friday, January 9, 2015


This is my first post on five minute Fridays.  In this wonderful and inspiring group, you are given a prompt, and for five minutes, you write about that prompt.

Today's prompt- Welcome. Fitting, as I am really just starting to invest my time in sharing the Lord in our lives, because I wanted a more neutral environment (blogging, neutral? eh, I know- but still) to freely share how God is working in our corner of the world and inspiring others.

Welcome- our family is far from perfect, but we are attempting to muddle through this corner of the world, with the cross God has given us to bear, while turning Jesus daily for guidance.

Welcome- we have two children with cerebral palsy, and our walk is quite a bit different.  But then, isn't everyone's walk different, full of hills and valleys, wins and losses?

Welcome- I look forward to sharing with you big wins, epic failures, and different ways I try to make our lives easier- even when they end up making our life harder in the end!

Welcome- and know, that my family's most intense desire is to let His light shine through us- even if it's through a broken pot (because sometimes beauty comes from the most imperfect and unexpected places!).

Welcome to my tiny little blog- I hope you feel encouraged here, and come back to visit soon!


Monday, January 5, 2015

Get Stronger With Me Spiritually!!

This week, I am sharing some of the printables for study purposes I have been inspired to design!  When I chose the word Stronger for 2015, I knew it would be multi-faceted.  Spiritually speaking, I  know I have been luke-warm, and I don't want to be anymore!

I want to have an in depth love,thirst, and knowledge of Jesus.  I want to venture beyond the milk, and get to the meat of scripture.   I want to be comfortable sharing what I learn with people I love, and strangers alike.  In order for that to happen (in my eyes, anyway) I need to study, and have tools to study with!

My generation was what I believe was the beginning of the massive paperwork study type generation. So when I set out to look for study sheets for the Bible, I was really taken aback at what I found to be a lack of what I needed.  I found a couple of  things that somewhat met my need, but not entirely.  I found notebooks at The Redheaded Hostess that were supposed to be appropriate for all faiths, not just Mormon, but I wanted something I could print over and over and organize and re-organize as time went, but would still want to be able to read my notes (and use them for teaching or family devotions).  Then I found a few printables at One of A Kind Gifts, but nothing seemed to hold the key to entirely giving me what I wanted.  I appreciated what these ladies had given, and they inspired me, but I wanted something along those lines, but more me. So I created a whole slew of printables for me, and decided to go ahead and share them with the blog world.  If you need something like this, please feel free to download them and use them as much as you need, but please do not sell them or reproduce them in a manner than that is for personal study only! Thank You!

Over the next week, I will be slowly rolling out some of the things I designed and will be using in my own personal studies.  These might be for accountability, character (and characteristic) study, studying the Bible by Chapter & Book, devotion help sheets, sermon breakdowns, or just your daily check up checklist.

If you are anything like me, it is easy to hit the ground running in the morning with the intention of spending time with the Lord "later" and then it's dinner time and bedtime before you know it, and you haven't spent any time with the Lord, in His Word, or any time in prayer.  I can totally admit my shortcomings, and I wanted to change that this year!

Whether you believe it takes 21 or 66 days to develop habits, the truth is, it takes time, accountability and consistency, regardless of a timeline.  For me, this accountability comes in the form of a checklist.  I need a constant reminder to take a break from my daily to-do list to make time for God. I hate that I am that way, but I  want to be real.  So here is my check-list.  It has space for 6 weeks of checklist style reminders- Prayer/Journal, Bible Reading, Scripture Memory.  All very important aspects of my study time.  You can  download this here or click on the picture to download.

The other thing I am sharing today is a devotion sheet.  It's easy to breeze through reading a small devotion and check it off the list, but I wanted to really take the time to understand what my devotion 
was trying to teach me and how to apply it to my life.  So, here is a sheet for you usage as  well.

You can click here to download and  use this printable or click on the image to download.  

Enjoy, and I look forward to sharing with you over this next week!! 

Friday, January 2, 2015

One Word 365- Choose One Word for the Year

Ditch the resolutions- Choose a word!

I love this!  I hate failing, and I usually fail at resolutions after about February.  So, the last few years, I have been loosely participating in something different-

Last year, I chose- Peace.  Ugh.  that was a distinct invitation to Satan- please, come rain chaos in my life.  This year, no thanks.  I chose-

My goal is to be Stronger in the following areas:

1) Spiritually Stronger- More study time, more study tools, more family study time, more Bible Reading, morning devotion as a family (and yes... I will be sharing these awesome new tools with you!).

2) Physically Stronger- I am not going to set a weight loss goal for this year, or anything like that, I am just going to work on being healthier, and stronger, and stronger willed (pass on the ice cream once in awhile, ya know?).

3) Personally Stronger- In homemaking, being a wife, being a mother.  I started this journey in November when I realized I couldn't stand the chaos and disorganization anymore.  Meal planning, home management binder organization, cleaning schedule.  You name it.  It's happening around here.  It's a slow process, but that's why I have a year, right?

Once a month, I am going to be blogging about how this process is going for us (me).  I am hoping by setting standards on growth, my family will come along for the ride as well.  We shall see!!

Until next time!