Saturday, December 27, 2014

Excited For January!!

I know at this point, I have, like zero readers.  That is OK.  It's not about that this year for me.  I am excited to see January come!  I am excited because I finally feel like the right direction is coming, and that my husband and I have started making strides toward some really really great things.

We (I) knew that once I made the commitment to be more organized and structured, it would be hard break our old habits.  In November, I knew it was a commitment that was going to take time and preparation.  So, I started getting ready for January.

I sat down, and worked on a home management binder.  I knew I needed one to keep my sanity, but for years I had failed to make one work for me.  It was frustrating, and an expensive experiment as well.  I have a huge stack of printables that I printed thinking I would use it, and now it's wasting away, because they just didn't work for me.

So on my list, I decided on the following areas that were important to me.

1. Spiritual
2. Finances
3. Daily To Do Lists
4. Meal Planning
5. Cleaning

And a calendar in the front to keep my schedule in line.

These areas are important because they are the anchors of our family chaos.  If I can keep these going, in my own way, then I will be successful at getting things under control. After all, God is not the author of chaos, right?

The other thing my husband I and decided to do, was to sit down a few days before the start of a new month, and set goals for that month.  This puts us in the right frame of mind to start the month, and on the same path, so we are not pulling against each other with what we think needs to be done.  We felt so good last night when we went to bed, knowing we had set our plan out together.

I have several free printables I have designed for getting your year in gear with Bible Reading and Bible Study.  Both my husband and I are excited to start using these tools, because it is a way for us to begin a new course in our lives in growing closer to the God, together.

Until next year....