Sunday, January 26, 2014

Why Raising The Next Generation Is Exceptional

An Open Letter to Amy Glass.

  1. 1.
    unusual; not typical.
    "crimes of exceptional callousness and cruelty"
    synonyms:unusualuncommonabnormalatypicalextraordinary, out of the ordinary,rareunprecedentedunexpectedsurprisingMore

In a day and age when young women are pushed to do anything but stay at home and raise a family- I feel like we are exceptional!  Families that have a mom at home all the time to take care of her children are rare.  We make sacrifices.  We make it a priority to be the primary influence in our children's lives, and take seriously the mindset of raising the next generation of young people.

I take exception to a statement I read today in an article by Amy Glass-  "You will never have the "time, energy, freedom, or mobility to be exceptional because you have a husband and kids."   I find that statement rather provocative, which I think was her intent.  I believe her goal was to provoke those of us that do "just stay at home" and "be average."  By provoking us, there is a hope in making us envious of the life in which she chases.  It's sad really- because there is a magic that comes from ordinary. We cherish ordinary.   But our ordinary and average is drastically different than the ordinary of most children these days.  

Amy, I have to say- yes doing laundry is every bit as important as being an engineer or a doctor- by doing laundry I am telling my family, every day, that I love them.  Love is so important.  I am showing them by doing laundry, it's okay to serve someone other than themselves.  Maybe if you took a moment to think about either a) the mom in your life that did those things because she loved you and wanted you to be the very best version of yourself you could be or (b) the mother you always desired to do those things for you (I don't know your growing up years, so I can't speak to why you seem to hate women who stay at home) and to love you.  

Raising the next generation to be something more than a selfish, self serving generation IS the exception, not the rule.  Look around you Amy.  There are more of those than there are of us stay at home "average" people.  It is okay to serve other people.  I didn't have children because I was lonely- I have a family to show Christ's love through our family.  As you so eloquently put it- you are making the life you want and not filling it up with kids to love you so you don't have to feel alone.  I pity people that feel that way- truly.  Children aren't here to make us happy- they are here to be raised to be amazing human beings that do great and amazing things.  To carry on traditions, and talk about strapping rockets to houses and launching them into space.  They bring joy, peace, chaos and excitement to life.  They give us a chance to make the world a better place in the next generation.  They give us a chance to change the world.  For The Better.  

My children give us a chance to share the gospel with the world, from our little corner of America.  They will go out to share the gospel with others one day.  They will (hopefully) show Christ's love every day with their every day "ordinary" actions.  They will be the exception, and in turn, will be exceptional.

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