Monday, September 2, 2013

Today Is a Big Day!

Today is the day I start my fourth year homeschooling.  I cannot believe that much time has gone by!  It's been an exciting journey!  My baby starts kindergarten today.  It's bittersweet.  I love that she has been running around underfoot and driving her brother and sister crazy.  I also now love that she has something to focus on.  She's growing up!

Today is also the start of a new challenge for me.  This year I have been working hard on focusing.  It's not easy for me.  I can totally get spun out or sidetracked at the drop of a hat.  But I have an amazing husband who brings me back into focus.  He gives me amazing clarity.  I am a blessed woman.  Anyway, back to the new challenge.  In my quest for focus, I have also decided to add our health to the mix.  Today begins my personal challenge to do 30 days of completely from scratch cooking.  I do not want to eat out for the entire month.

So today, in my kitchen, I am working hard to whip up waffles, pancakes, hot pockets, tortillas etc so that when we need these items, I won't be tempted to run to the store and pick them up.  They will already be in my freezer.

Tomorrow (if I can get out of bed!) I will post pictures of what of my goals I got done.

Say a prayer for me!