Friday, March 15, 2013

One Word-March

Ahh... focus.  How you elude me.  Not really.  We are on the end of the first leg of a destination, so to speak.  Picture a clock.  We have our minute hand at about the 28 minute mark.  

At the 30 minute mark, Dylan's surgery starts, and then we start the slow journey back up to the 60 minute mark. Clear as mud, right?

Cold and flu season has been alot of work.  We had to keep Dylan healthy enough to be viable for hip/leg surgery.  We did it! YAY!  

But, that is only half the journey, you see.  Once we get him to the surgery, we've only fought half the battle.  The eight weeks after that will mean body casts, and all that goes with it.  My peace is in the fact that we know this is what is best for Dylan.  He is in so much pain when we try to stand him up in his standing frame. He has one dislocated hip, and another trying to get that way.  They have to reconstruct part of the dislocated hip.  And they have to go in and clip tendons, muscles, and aductors.  But it will be worth it. 

I know hard times will come.  I know my house will look horrible most likely.  I know I won't get much homeschool paperwork done (and the joy of it is, I don't have to until I have time to because we don't report to anyone), but I am so grateful they can watch their lessons and do their work anyway, and if they need me, I am here.  We are facing it together.  

And then there is rehab... but I am so spun I can't think about that right now! 

So for now... I will focus on the tasks in front of me.  And pray for what is coming in the next few weeks, and feel peace knowing it is all in God's hands.  

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