Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Why I Let Her Play...

So, yes, this is a picture of me actually letting my daughter play washing dishes in the kitchen.  Eventually (after an hour) this turned into her "baking" a cake. I know, I am insane, and I created another mess to clean up in my kitchen, but my hope by allowing her the freedom to do this, will create in her a heart for home making that I never had growing up.

She is still at the age where she loves helping me do laundry, and wash dishes and cook supper.  I want her to want to do it for her husband one day.  I didn't grow up with a love or passion for home making.  I looked at it as a means to an end (allowance), or getting something done so I can do what I want.  I never understood what the Lord had to say about home making.

As I grow spiritually, I see the importance of letting her play... because one day it won't be play.  One day it will be for her family.  One day it could be for making a living.  What ever the reason... I want it to be because there is joy in her heart to do it for the glory of God.

I want her to be industrious (Proverbs 31:13), prepared (Proverbs 31:21), ready to serve God by serving others (Proverbs 31:20), hardy (Proverbs 31:17), cherished by her husband (Proverbs 31:11), and serving and fearing a wonderful God (Proverbs 31:30).

Nowhere in the Proverbs 31 passage does it describe a weak woman.  She works hard, she provides for the needs of not only her own family, but the needy.  She seeks ways to make life better for her family.  She takes the time to prepare (remember, Christians, we watch the ant, not the grasshopper!) her family for the coming seasons.  She is loved and cherished by her children and husband.  But she fears the Lord and trusts in Him.

So, for now, I let her play...

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