Monday, February 4, 2013

Love Doesn't Have To Be A Battlefield- Valentine Idea with Printable!

Focus.  Yes, that is what I am doing!

Over on my Stampin' Up Blog, I am focusing on posting more.  So, I started doing a Valentine Series.  I found some great ideas on Pinterest, and changed them to what I wanted.

Today's was great, because I changed it and used some scripture.  I know that most business advisers tell you to stay away from religion, but I have to be true to me.

The original idea was found Here.  She has a montage of 50 valentine ideas.  Super cute stuff.  Anyway.  The original had an army man with a tag that said Love Is A Battlefield.  Cute, right?  Until you start thinking about it.  God doesn't want Love to be a battlefield.  Brotherly love, romantic love, and love in general is going to have it's ups and downs, yes.  But we are commanded to love one another.  So, in that spirit, I created this....

And, I am offering a free PDF file for both Scriptures.  You print the PDF files, and do a little trimming, and staple to the top of a treat baggy with army men in it.  What a great way to give the gospel, and a valentine! 

Have a blessed day, and remember, Love Doesn't have to be a battlefield... 

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