Thursday, January 31, 2013

Planning Our Garden... Yes even in January!

I dream of a homestead.

A little place out in the country with a barn for small livestock, and our horses, maybe a dairy cow, or two.  A nice little chicken coop and a big kitchen for me to work in (I know that is not very homestead-ish, but I really really want a big kitchen!), and a place to grow a nice lush garden where the deer aren't protected and I don't have to worry about them eating the leaves off the squash and zuchinni plants (and they might be dinner!).

So this is the time of year where we start planning our garden for the year.  This is our 4th year to plant a garden, and it grows every year.  Every year we try something a little bit different, sometimes it works, others it doesn't.  This year, we are planning an early crop (planting in February) of Brussels sprouts, and cabbage, and starting our onions.  New for us!  And we are going to try to cycle through and get basically 3 growing seasons out of the year.  We can do an early, spring, and fall crop, if we are attentive to our crops and work really hard.

This was last years garden.  We have to build frames over our plants to keep the deer out, and then we put deer netting over those frames, so we used the frame to water as well... we added sprinklers!  It's such a big help!  This year I think I am going to do a few different things but the premise will be the same.  I am starting my tomatoes as well from seed today.  There is something so amazingly satisfying in being able to start a plant from seed and then eat from it!

I can't wait for spring time!  We get so excited about spring.  But ordering my seeds always gets me excited for the garden.  Plus there is canning!  I love to can!  And my wonderful dream homestead kitchen will make canning an amazing experience!

These are last years zuchinni pickles that my family loved!  

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