Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Focus- Fifteen days later-

I wish I could tell you it's been easy- but apparently I have a little ADHD in me.

At the beginning of the year, I pledged to have more focus.  Well, it's been a trying time.  It seems Satan wants to throw at me every dart (with something shiny trailing behind!) to take me in directions that are not where I need to go!

I have however done the following in an effort to get Focused:

1) Worked on cutting out the unnecessary travel in our schedule.  My goal is to get us down to one day a week traveling into town (20 miles one way).  This is two fold.  The first part of that is cutting down expenses on travel.  We travel a lot for therapy for the boys, so any unnecessary gas money spent hurts the budget.  The second part is that it keeps the kids from having to do extra school the next day to make up for being gone.  Less study time equals more family time.  See where I am going here...?

2) Started working on a Home Organization Binder.  These are so multifaceted, you could spend months finding the right printables, finding the right binder, etc.  But I think mine is finally coming together.  By the way... Erin over at HappyOrganizedLife  is doing a whole month of tips, and free printables she normally sells on her Etsy sight.  I love her pretty pretty organizing stuff!  She does some amazing custom work as well!

3) It's week 3 into the new year, and I am FINALLY back on track with my daily devotion.  I must say, the one I am using is really a killer, but I like it when God shows me where I need to change, and I have been needing to focus on HIM more than anything!  When my focus is on Him first, my days go so much better!

4) I have been a Stampin' Up! demo for 2 years, and I am really starting to focus hard on this finally, without taking time away from my family.  It's been so therapeutic!  I love crafting, and helping people make pretty things!  I am focusing on blogging over on that blog pretty regularly (pre-scheduled, so I can do more at once) and working also on being more consistent with posting on my business facebook page as well.  

So, that's my story, in week three of a 52 week challenge, and I am sticking to it!

How's your One Word Challenge going?  Are you sticking to it?  Where have you had the most issues this soon in?  Let me know below if you would like!


  1. I feel like I'm just always learning to juggle - exercise has gone well this week and housework too, but my daily quiet time seems to have vaporized. Keep plugging away, only 49 weeks to go ;)