Friday, January 25, 2013

Bread For Daily Use-

Ugh.  How often do I walk past my desk to go do dishes, or help with fractions homework, or sit and watch TV, and I don't receive my daily bread from the Lord?  How often does He beg me to spend time wrapped in His word but "I" have too much to do, and wind up with just cake?

Now cake is great... don't get me wrong.  But bread is filling.  It is full of nutrients, and vitamins.  It's satisfying.  Cake, is well, sugar.  You feel great for awhile, but after a short bit, you come down from the sugar high, and still in need of being satisfied.  It's a lot like life, isn't it?  The Lord has the filling, satisfying manna for us, but we brush it off for cake, and then are still left wanting more.  

How often at the end of the day am I left with a hunger that could have been satisfied with God's Word? With His love, and promises? 

I want my Bible to be worn, and loved.  Something my children all fight over because they know it is full of not only God's words, but little bits of bread that the Lord gave me while reading it.  

Blessings Friends!

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