Thursday, January 17, 2013

Am I Addicted to Facebook?

Okay, so this little funny is circulating on...Facebook.  Ignore the irony here for a moment. LOL.

But, this image popping up in my news feed, coupled with my pastor preaching against Facebook, has to give you reason to pause and legitimately ask yourself that Question.

Am I addicted to Facebook? 
So, at first glance, I would say no.  But when I observe my behaviors, I would have to say honestly, Yes.  Of course I can justify the need for Facebook- South Texas family can get a glimpse into our daily life, I get insight from fellow Christians and quotes and perspectives that make me think and ponder what God wants from/for me, sharing my thoughts from Bible studies, and the like.  

But when I get a notification that something has happened on Facebook, 4 devices ding at me.  WOW!  When I am sitting here at my computer writing a blog, I click back over the the facebook tab, and THEN I pick my phone up and check my facebook. Really?!?

At first glance, I can justify my sin (addiction to Facebook) by giving a Biblical (ministry tool) reason.  But is that really what I am using it for... and do I really need Facebook to be a light to the world?  Facebook takes time away from my family, Facebook takes time away from God (when I neglect my devotions or Bible reading to spend time on Facebook), and Facebook exposes us to verbage and behavior we wouldn't normally allow into our minds and homes.  Things come up in our news feeds that disgust us, but we look/read them anyway.  See where I am going with this?  

My pastor said one thing on Sunday that I will just throw out there, and explain how I feel about it.  Facebook gives you "courage" to say things you wouldn't normally say to someone's face.  Recently, I had used Facebook to tell someone what I thought about their recent behavior, and bad attitude towards another (who in this case was actually my husband) and informed them I was deleting them from my Facebook to avoid looking at the continued nonsense.  Now, given the opportunity, I would have said all of those things (and more, truth be told) to that person's face.  Okay, I have not arrived.  I have a flesh to fight.  I can't say that what I did/would say was right or wrong, but Facebook actually gave me a chance to sensor my words, and be a little more tactful about how I used my words.  But I see his point.  In most cases, people let their fingers do the walking and talking, instead to taking the time to censor themselves.  They wouldn't think about things like, for instance, their testimony.  I am grateful I had the opportunity to hit the backspace key (a lot), but still express my feelings on the matter.  

And, this conversation wouldn't be complete without the portion on games on Facebook.  Not only are some of them just down right evil (not the farm games people!) in nature, but think about the time it takes away from your children.  I used to play the farm games.  They, in themselves, are not inherently evil, but the hold you allow them to have on you (gotta harvest grapes in 4 minutes, who cares about the dishes or my devotion, or that my husband has been waiting for me to spend time with him or go to bed!), and what they hinder you from doing.  I don't play computer games anymore.  I don't want something like that to have any hold on me, or keep me from what my ultimate love should be- God.  

And I glorify God by honoring, cherishing, nourishing, and ministering to my family. 

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